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Hi, I'm Isaac Mallol a biologist from the University Complutense of Madrid (UCM) and Master in Tropical Biodiversity and Conservation.

Since I was a child I have been fascinated by nature, so when I finished studying I travelled to explore the world's ecosystems and finally I ended up in Ecuador. Three years ago I started with photography due to the need to show through images the stories I had learned in the wild. My principle motivation to create this website was to combine my passion for photography with my other professional skills, as they all have the common bond of nature. I described my photographs with clear and simple explanations, because my intention is to reach more people and bring them the message that there is an amazing small sized world out there to be explored. Biodiversity at that scale is overwhelming, but it is still misunderstood, therefore it remains excluded from conservation priorities; we would conserve nature if we knew and understood it. My photography is subscribed to an ethical code that limits me in some aspects, photographs are taken at night and in the wild, there is no catch and abuse. The decrease in image quality is compensated by ensuring that in my work as a photographer my impact on nature is minimal compared to other styles of macrophotography more "commercial".

    I hope you enjoy this collection of photos!

         Isaac Mallol.

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e-mail: isaacmallol@gmail.com (please specify the subject of your mail in the title)

Telephone: (+593) 983218748

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