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Above all, I'm not just photographer of nature but biologist, who loves nature and feels conected to it in an almost espiritual way. I'm convinced that manipulate nature in order to get better and more spectacular shots would lead me away from my goals. The principal reason why I'm taking pictures is to show nature how it really is.

After a couple of trips with other photographers of nature, sometimes I felt some disconformity with certain styles of photography, for instance using acoustic or chemical decoys to attract animals or to capture them and keep them for hours or even days in captivity, frozen or dazed so that they can't escape and be placed more easily in an artificial set, which fits with the photographer's imaginings.

This code of ethics is generated by the need to be able to exercise my avocation for photography, but at the same time not to contradict my conviction of respecting and preserving nature. I'm aware of the fact that a lot of my pictures could be more comercial by using other techniques. By not using them, I can assure that the impact on the organisms which I show has been minimal.

Don't kill anything but time / Don't take anything but pictures / Don't leave anything but footprints

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Code of ethics

• No animal will be extracted from it's natural environment, in this photographs it's not permitted to capture, move or manipulate any living organism.

• There'll not be used any kind of tools or techniques which could change the animals natural behavior.

• It is strictly forbidden to use substances or methods to slow down the metabolism of the animal.

• Within the bounds of possibility, there will be no influence on the animals normal activity, especially when they are eating or reproducing and during critical fases of there life cycle (egg-laying period, molting exoskeleton, metamorphosis etc.)

• In some cases it's legitimate to prepare the environment of the subject, removing an obstacle which hinders to take the picture. The most normal case is a leaf, which will be moved but not cut if it's possible. Just if there is no other possibility to take the picture the leaf can be cut off.

• If the animal presents signs of stress, fear or defensive behavior the session of photos will be ended immediately.

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