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Course for Guides and Forest Rangers of Cuyabeno

We just finish the first course for Nature Guides of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, in which participated naturalist guides and staff members of the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador (MAE).

This course consisted in theoretical and practical classes about Entomology, Herpetology and Tropical Ecology. Above all it was a beautiful experience, where I could share with people that works everyday with amazonian biodiversity, teaching in the heart of Cuyabeno Reserve.

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Night Critters Tattoo

Cecilia, a fan of my web site from Argentina, had send these pictures of her new tattoos, that she got on the arm! Nice to see how the animals from my pictures can inspire people :)

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  • Leafhopper copulation (Tettisama bisellata)
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  • Red tiger moth (Hyperthaema sanguineata)

Mixing Biology and Architecture

Currently, I am collaborating with Activistas de la Formaalong with designers and architects, extracting patterns from nature to implement in their designs. Nature throughout evolution has been a laboratory that has solved many problems of design, biomaterials, architecture etc ... studying nature from this point of view reveals many secrets that may be applied in the near future, facilitating our existence and reducing our impact on the planet. This interdisciplinary collaboration will continue throughout July and culminate with a workshop for architects and designers who will build their architectonical models based on nature. I am looking forward to see these models and to hear the conclusions of the workshop. It is a pleasure to contribute in such an interesting and novel study.

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Book presentation:

"Los Tiempos de la Humanidad"

Is it weird to mix poetry with photography of nature? Due to the opinion of Cristian Avecillas, one of the most famous poets of Ecuador, this mixture was necessary and like the result out of this first collaboration we proudly present this book in the 'Universidad Central del Ecuador'.

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Neurology and art

Possible connections between science and aesthetic creation

In this occasion I'll be accompanied by my friend doctor Andrea Slachevsky in a discussion panel talking about science, arts, behavior, evolution etc.

Definitely a must see! I promise it'll be an interesting speech!

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  • This is really nice and interesting!!! taking into account the forms of the nature to design... much more armony... congrats to all of you!!!

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