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Next workshop about tropical biology and wildlife photography will be in June 2016.

It will be a complete experience with theoretical and practical explanation, many tips, and some juicy secrets!

Reserve it now!!! isaacmallol@gmail.com

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I'm offering the possibility to organize your trip to Ecuador, which meets your needs and expectations. Relax, take pictures and enjoy Ecuador Megadiverse.

Fieldtrips to Amazon rainforest, cloud forest and Chocó.

I have a lot of experience looking for animals: I will locate the animal, will assist you in lighting, recommend you about framing, exposure, speed, etc. and you only have to press the shutter button on your camera. Always with respect for the animals themselves and the environment (check Ethical Code).

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In the fieldtrips I explain the processes that are happening in nature and often go unnoticed, so the experience is complete and we learn about biology and photography equally.

I work with some sites that are unique, they are not open to tourists, and get almost no visitors. Usually it is a better option than hosting on lodges or scientific stations, that are visited by thousands of people each year and that some of the most sensitive species have already disappeared from the vicinity.

If you are a professional photographer obviously you do not need me to explain anything about framing, exposure, speed etc ... but I can assist you on your journey to capture the best possible photographs, organize itineraries, search animals, assist with lighting and everything you need.

Don't worry if you are not fluent in Spanish, happily I'll guide you in English and translate conversations with natives of the communities. There is also available guidance in other languages (German, French), hiring an external translator.

For more information contact me clicking here.

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